Dear Promo Partner,


Goldstar is excited to announce that starting early March 2023 we are implementing a new credit card processing system that provides you with an easier and more secure way to process your invoices.


This new process and payment portal will ensure the security and protection of your personal, business and financial information and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).


As part of this transition, there are a few critical things we ask you to take account for in these upgrades planned for our March 2023 release:


  • Our new online payment portal will allow you or your finance team make credit card payments through a simple step-by-step, self-service process. Portal access will be available on our website and a link will be included on your invoices.
  • The new payment portal will allow you to pay multiple invoices simultaneously and send a detailed summary of the payments to an email address of choice.
  • We will continue to take credit card payments over the phone, but you will no longer be giving your credit card information directly to our agents. Instead, you will use your keypad to enter your credit card details mid-call into a secure payment processing system.
  • Our email system will no longer accept emails containing your credit card details, which is done to ensure our highest standards of data security. In case we do detect an email with sensitive information, the email will be removed from our system, and we will follow up with you directly and assist in finalizing your payment.


We apologise if this introduces any inconveniences to you, although we believe the benefits of this easy-to-use portal combine with an added layer of security continues to provide a simpler, more convenient way to do business with Goldstar.


If you have any questions about this new process, please ask any member of our team and we can explain the steps in more detail.


We appreciate your understanding and thank you for supporting our vision of providing Simplicity®!


Best Regards,


Colin Loughran
Global Director of Operations